Creating a website to tell your brand story

A great website enhances brand value and builds credibility.

It only takes half a second for users to form an opinion about a website, and decide to stay or click the next search result.

An initial web page view is the one chance business owners have to influence potential customers to choose their brand.

A Visual Brand Story

Here at Oceans Public, we focus on telling a brand story through website layout, color, and design. Throughout the design process, every element is geared towards creating a connection and influencing action.

Our Design Process is User Experience Oriented

Starting with design boards, we create visual prototypes of 5 to 10 different versions of the user interface. To enhance individuality and tell your brand story, we craft custom vector images for backgrounds, headers, menus, and icons. Through collaboration and analysis we dial it down to a single look and finalize a profile of colors, classes, fonts, images, and layouts. Next we map out user paths and decide how they will navigate through the site and interact with the different elements. After prototype completion, the website is coded from scratch and tested on different devices, screen sizes, and browsers; then revised and retested.

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