Blazing Fast Websites, Worldwide.

We Utilize the Latest Technology

Serverless technology allows websites to be sent to the browser 10x faster than Wordpress or a similar CMS.

By coding static websites from scratch, the website files don't need to be processed and rendered by the server every time that the browser sends a request. Everything is pre-built and ready to go.

World map SVG showing server edge points for page speed

World Class Speed

With delivery origins in 23 major cities around the globe and 8 in North America alone, our websites are fast.

A tradition website that requires a server always sends the website from the server location. For example, a majority of Go Daddy servers are located in Scottsdale, Arizona. No matter where the website is viewed, the website is sent from Scottsdale.

This results in each browser request for a user in New York being 3x slower, and more than 5x slower for a user in a different country.

Google statistics about how page speed affects rankings

The Importance of Page Speed

In 2019 users expect a website to load in under 3 seconds and 32% of users abandon a website that takes longer. If the website load takes 5 seconds, the probability of the user leaving goes up to 90%.

If users do decide to wait it out for the website to load, according to Google, conversion rates drop by 12% for every additional second of load time.

Google states in a research article, based on studies and real world data, speed = revenue.