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We Stay on Top of Our Game

Search engine optimization is a whole new ballgame every year. 2019 is the year of the mobile first index, meaning faster mobile page loads, responsive design, and device compatability are king.

Our work is tested to be 100% mobile responsive

Most design agencies use Wordpress templates to create websites for their clients. Templates are very easy to use and customize but are rarely 100% responsive.

They simply don't have the technology to create responsive stylesheets for the diversity of different images, plug-ins, and user custom elements; at some point it breaks. Google has a tool to check the mobile responsiveness of a website. You can try it out if you have a current website, or give it a test on this one. This is likely similar to what they use to grade mobile responsiveness for indexing.

Google grades mobile page speed from a 3G connection

Sure, maybe a website loads faster than the recommended 3 second mark on a desktop with fast wifi, or on a mobile LTE connection. Google doesn't care. A large percent of the population is going to be accessing the web through 3G or 4G data speeds, and search engines are all about accessibility. Google's page speed tool measures and grades websites over a simulated fast 3G connection. If you're considering a templated web design route, be warned that your website isn't going to score better than a 70 on the test. We've tested 100s of websites, and not a single Wordpress website has scored better than a 60. Any website built by Oceans Public scores a 95 or better on the test; a home run for mobile first indexing.