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It all begins with a blank screen and a vision. Each line of code optimized for speed, SEO, and outstanding user experience.
Your website is a portal to the world with infinite possibilities and from an idea to launch day, every bit matters.

The Oceans Public website is a showcase of different visually illustrative website designs. All the graphics were created by us. The speed page illustrates an ocean theme, the design page a beach theme, the SEO page an electric theme, and the portfolio page a mountains theme. Animation, color schemes and graphics are essential in how users perceive your business.

A globe with logo illistrates SEO and website speed worldwide

Oceans Public is an innovative creative agency based in Southwest Washington. We focus on building a user experience through all forms of digital and print media. Our expertise include graphic design, web design, web development, 3D modeling, 3D design, webGL 3D experiences, logo design, print design, product photography, and advertising.

Our office is in downtown Vancouver, where we're surrounded by a flourishing community and tons of coffee shops, which we love. We have equipment to meet any photography or videography needs including a full studio with green screen and lighting, drone equipment, and professional video tools.

We use a specific and transparent process to go from a blank slate to a complete website.

It begins with user interface design:

● Website layout
● Navigation
● Buttons
● Sizing and margins
● Color Palette
● Animations and transitions
● Code stylesheets to be mobile responsive for all device sizes
● Overall feel

Next, graphics are designed to fit the brand identity:

● Graphic design for site components
● Optimization of current assets
● Graphic selection and placement

Stage 1 Complete: Visual Website Prototype delivered.

Now that the look is complete, back-end development begins:

● Cart module development --create a cart, payments, and user accounts
● Functionality of client reactive pages --specialized pricing based on the user (if desired)
● Content Management System integration --gives client control to change and edit product, contact, and paragraph content
● Ecommerce dashboard integration --a dashboard where clients can work with orders, inventory, shipping, payments, discounts, and customers

The website look and feel are mostly complete at this point, but missing text content:

● Write FAQ page to help users purchase products, navigate website, resolve potential questions.
● Content writing for product descriptions, about page, categories, and other paragraphs

Stage 2 Complete: Full website accessible at test URL.

After the website is complete, it goes through a search engine optimization process:

● Specify target keywords
● Keywords in H1-H6 headings, title, and content
● Keyword consistency and density analysis
● Aria Accessibility for screen readers
● Meta tags
● Size optimization of scripts and style files
● Image re-optimization
● Sitemap and Robots.txt
● Create website favicon
● HTTPS for SSL and set up canonical URL
● Structured data--shows elements from your site directly in search results

Last of all, revisions and testing:

● Revisions and feedback
● Testing on a range of different device sizes and browsers
● SEO testing, Google Search Console optimization, and Google Analytics set up

Stage 3 Complete: It's launch time. Your website will be indexed by Google and ready for traffic.